7 Items You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Clean in a Washing Machine

7 Items You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Clean in a Washing Machine
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Washing machines are known to help with cleaning clothes, and making the laundry process easier and less time consuming, but there are some neat things you can wash in a washing machine that you probably didn’t know about.

Stuffed Toys

Toys will get dirty, and stuffed toys will accumulate dirt and grime faster than any other kind of toy out there. These toys will change colour with the dirt and will no longer look like the loveable toy your children once played with. You can wash these toys in the washing machine and they will come out looking brand new again.


We sleep on our pillows every night, and they are exposed to the oils and dirt of our skin all the time so why wouldn’t we wash them? Make sure, though, when you wash your pillows that you wash them with the covers so that the machine maintains balance.

Running Shoes

Sneakers can easily become really dirty due to all the use they see, but the best way to get them looking brand new is by washing them in the washing machine. As with pillows, make sure you wash them with other items so that the machine stays balanced.


Window coverings are a hard thing to wash, but they still need to be cleaned just like all other fabric items in your home. Curtains can easily be thrown into the wash and get rid of the stains, pet hair and other random dander so they look brand new again.

Bath Mats

Due to where bath mats live in your home they are prone to mold and mildew build up, so it is important to wash them regularly. Since they are heavier material make sure you wash them with other items, too, so that your machine isn’t off center and it doesn’t cause any issues with the drum.

Shower Curtain

Most shower curtains are plastic but they can still become smelly and stained over time, so throw it into the washing machine and clean it every month or so. Due to the material they’re made out of they will dry easily, so once the wash cycle is over you can just hang them up to dry before putting it back on the curtain rod.


Yes, the toy. Your kids love playing with this kind of toy, but it will easily accumulate dirt and grime, so by throwing the toys in a washing machine safe bag and the pieces will be clean and ready to use by your children again.

Your washing machine is meant to clean your laundry, but there’s a lot more you can wash in this machine that you don’t have to do by hand anymore. You can keep your entire house clean and spend less time doing it by washing these everyday items in your washing machine instead of by hand.

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