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5 Ways to Save Money during a Bathroom Renovation

5 Ways to Save Money during a Bathroom Renovation
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Remodeling your bathroom is a really exciting time and it’s great to think of all the possibilities there are for this space, but if you have ever done any other home renovation projects you know that the budget can quickly get out of control. There are ways you can save money while completing this remodel but at the same time make sure your new bathroom is exactly how you want it to be.

Make a Plan Ahead of Time

This may sound like it’s obvious, but having a plan for what you’re going to spend and where you’re spending it. If you know you can realistically only afford to replace the sink or the vanity and not both then decide which one you want to do and stick to that. Over time you can always add in pieces that you couldn’t do at the outset.

Don’t Move the Plumbing

If you want to completely rearrange your bathroom it’s going to cost you, big time! Moving plumbing fixtures often requires cutting into drywall and then you will have to replace the drywall. You might also run into problems when you start removing the layers from your bathroom such as mold or rot. Keep the sink and tub or shower where they are and simply replace the fixtures with high-end versions.  If you are adamant on moving the plumbing, call a plumbing contractor to do the job for you, they have the knowledge and expertise in this field.  It will save you much headache and money by bringing in a pro.

Make Your Own Mirror Frame

Purchasing a hanging mirror with a frame can get pricey and really drive the budget renovation up, so instead of buying a new mirror you can purchase the material to make a frame and put it around the mirror you already have. This will freshen up the bathroom instantly and re-purpose something you already have.

 Upgrade the Toilet, Kind Of

Instead of buying a whole new toilet, you could just replace the seat and lid. By doing this your toilet will have a fresh look, and you will save on the cost to have a plumber come and install the new one plus any disposal fees for getting rid of the old one.

Look for Alternatives

A tub surround made completely of tile looks gorgeous, but it will definitely require a huge budget to complete. You can still achieve this look, but it doesn’t mean you have to select tile as the material you use. There are many alternatives to tile that, in some cases, will actually stand up to a bathroom use much better over time and are easier to maintain. You don’t have to make this decision right away, either. Take some time and research the options, and the pros and cons of each one to make sure you are making the best choice for your lifestyle.

Remodeling any room in your home is a really great experience, especially if you are completing the project yourself. However, when it comes to picking out colors and fixtures the budget can very quickly sky rocket out of control. It doesn’t have to though, by making a plan and sticking to it you can ensure your bathroom renovation cost is exactly what you’re comfortable with. Don’t forget that you can add pieces over time, so if you can’t afford to do it all right now then you can make a list of things you want to change and complete them along the way. If you want to increase your budget, and can do so, to accommodate the renovation you want then it might be easier to do it all at once but don’t feel like you can’t do this project just because you have a budget you need to stick to.

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