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Monthly Archives: February 2017

5 Ways to Save Money during a Bathroom Renovation

February 6, 2017
Posted by Sebastian

Remodeling your bathroom is a really exciting time and it’s great to think of all the possibilities there are for this space, but if you have ever done any other home renovation projects you know that the budget can quickly get out of control. There are ways you can save money while completing this remodel […]

Why You Should Try Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

February 5, 2017
Posted by Sebastian

Open shelving is a trend that has been up and coming for quite a while, and it doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of slowing down. While this concept is not for everyone, nor will it work for every space, you might want to consider this option if you’re looking to renovate your kitchen […]

7 Items You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Clean in a Washing Machine

February 4, 2017
Posted by Sebastian

Washing machines are known to help with cleaning clothes, and making the laundry process easier and less time consuming, but there are some neat things you can wash in a washing machine that you probably didn’t know about.   Stuffed Toys Toys will get dirty, and stuffed toys will accumulate dirt and grime faster than […]

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